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“GPRS/EDGE Planning & Optimizing Principles”

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This is an advanced course to General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and its evolution Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS) or Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE).

The GPRS/EDGE Planning & Optimizing Principles course provides advanced knoweledge in planning initially GPRS/EDGE resources and later on optimizing network performance, both in the radio technology (GSM & WCDMA including EDGE & HSPA) and the core network. Optimization might be performed using parameters, statistics/KPI’s or drive tests

Also case studies, project descriptions and exercises will be presented enlighting more the basic principles of this topic


Learning objectives

On completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Tuning and Optimizing Principles
  • Perform initial GPRS/EDGE network Planning
  • Perform GPRS/EDGE capacity planning
  • Perform optimization principles using drive tests
  • Perform optimization principles using statistics
  • Definition of KPI’s in GPRS/EDGE
  • GPRS fine tuning
  • Case studies - exercises


Target audience

The target audience for this course is:

Engineers and technicians that are working with GPRS/EDGE wireless technology.



The participants should have successfully completed the course, “GPRS/EDGE basics” or have equivalent knowledge


Duration and class size

The recommended length of the course is 3-4 days. The maximum number of participants is 16. However it is easy to adapt the course length to the actual needs, thanks to the modular structure.


Learning situation

This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.

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Voice over LTE, VoLTE


WCDMA/HSPA Planning and Dimensioning


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